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Half yearly Journal published in June and December 2017


Conservation of River Ecosystem of Arunachal Hiamalaya

Hirendra Nath Sarma


Email: hirendra.sarma@rgu.ac.in

Aquaporins: Structure and Physiology in Fish

Priyambada Chutia and Manas Das*

Role of Fragmented Forests in Conservation of Biota: A Study in Balipara Reserve Forest, Sonitpur District, Assam (India)

Diana Ethel Amonge and Awadhesh Kumar*

Soil Carbon Sequestration Along Forest Canopy Gradient:Mitigating Climate Change

*Gyati Yam and Om Prakash Tripathi

Human-Wildlife Interspecific Interaction in Barak Valley, Assam, India

Himangshu Dutta1, Hilloljyoti Singha*2 and Biman Kumar Dutta1

Anatomical Characteristics and Fibre Dimensions of Some Grass Species of Arunachal Pradesh and their Potential for Pulp and Paper

M. Sharma*, C. L. Sharma, M. Bage, B. R. Gogoi and G. Pangging

Evaluation of Analgesic Activity of Methanolic Extract of Pouzolzia zeylanica (L.) Bennett & R. Brown Leaves in Albino Rat

Loxmi Jamoh1, Pallabi K. Hui2, Tridip J. Das1 and Hui Tag1*

Effects of Altered pH on Antioxidant Defence System ofMonopterus cuchia (Hamilton, 1822) in Ex-situ Modulated Environment pH Condition.

Amilee Konwar, Manas Das*, Debjani Dey, Priyambada Chutia